Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ellory & Edie's Birth Story

At 11:00 Sat night, my water broke. Jon had just gotten into bed. I packed some last minute things & we were off to the hospital. Barbara, Jon's mom, stayed behind with the kids. My labor pains were getting stronger & more frequent during the drive. We were escorted to the triage room in the labor & delivery floor. The nurse asked me a million questions about my family history (like does anyone in your family have diabetes, cancer, etc). I was in some serious pain by now & was in no mood to discuss my grandparent's high blood pressure. The doctor finally came in after an hour from my admittance. She started asking me the same questions. I cannot tell you the pain I was in by then, not to mention the pressure I was feeling. I think the Dr got the hint b/c it was only then that she checked me. I was already 10 cm dilated. They rushed me to the delivery room. All I could think about was where in the, you know where, was the anesthesiologist & why had no one checked me sooner? The anesthesiologist finally came in as I'm feeling the baby crowning. Got the shot. Delivered Ellory a couple minutes after...Sunday May 22 at 1:01 AM, without the effects of the epidural. Dr. discovered Edie rotated last minute so I was to try to deliver her breech. If that didn't work it was C-Section. Edie was, in fact, delivered breech with no problems at 1:08...Halleluiah!
Both Ellory & Edie were sent down to the NICU where they stayed for several days. Forsyth Hospital was accommodating to me by letting me stay an extra night free to stay close to my babies. The next 2 days was spent driving back & forth. Edie came home Fri & Ellory came home Sat. It was wonderful to have both my healthy precious babies home in their own bed.
Edie in the NICU
Ellory in the NICU
The twins got a special visit from some anxious visitors! Children under 2 yrs old were not permitted in the NICU. Nolan was introduced to the twins when they got home.

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