Saturday, November 15, 2008

incredible DAVE'S

Jon, Madelyn, Ansley, & I went to Incredible Dave's this evening. They have inflatables, games, a climbing maze, Euro bungee, bumper cars, bowling, & video game rooms. There's also a restaurant, bar, & a band. Its basically like Las Vegas for kids! The electronic games reminded me of slot machines with the bright lights & sounds. There was only 1 inflatable Ansley could go on. Jon took her into the climbing maze as well. Madelyn had fun but got hurt a couple of times. It was to crowded for a 3 & 1 year old tonight. If we go back, it will be during the week when hardly anyone is there. You know those games where you try to grab a toy with the electronic claw, using a joystick? Well, we snatched up 4 rubber duckies! Its always nice when you can leave with a souvenier! We decided to leave after Madelyn got hurt for the 2nd time (her only nap was on the way to Salsarita's). We were there for about an hour & a half.

On a side note, Madelyn was so cute during bed time tonight. Jon & I were watching a movie & Madelyn kept coming out of her room saying she was scared. I asked her what she was scared of, & she said lions. I brought her toy lions out of her room so that she would go to sleep. She decided she wanted to bring all of her cat toys out of her room so she wouldn't be scared any more. She did go to sleep after all the scary cat toys were out of her room. Whatever works!

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